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2021-11-13 09:15:12 By : Ms. vera liu

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Henkel and Nexa3D's next-generation polymer for industrial production: cast aluminum for the rear swing arm with Acimoto 3D printed patterns.

Expand partnerships to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing and functional materials in industrial applications

Henkel and ultrafast polymer 3D printer manufacturer Nexa3D today announced the signing of a new material development agreement. The agreement builds on the partnership between the two companies and deepens their joint commitment to improve additive manufacturing (AM) volume production capabilities. The two companies plan to develop next-generation functional polymers and use their combined technologies to specifically target mass production opportunities in the industrial casting, footwear, medical and consumer goods industries.

As part of the expanded partnership, Henkel and Nexa3D are developing a new casting material specifically designed for industrial metal castings for applications such as automobiles, robotics, heavy machinery, and hydraulics. Manufacturers can use the material to produce complex geometries to reduce weight and integrate parts to produce lightweight parts at reasonable prices in high volumes. The new functional materials are fully optimized for ultra-fast 3D printing workflows. The use of advanced additive manufacturing tool design will further optimize the possible results of the material, thereby reducing material and energy consumption, as well as the weight and cost of the final part.

The combination of Nexa3D's ultra-fast additive production platform and the development of Henkel's new generation of casting materials can digitize the casting workflow of foundries who wish to upgrade from traditional wax models to AM. This development provides all the advantages of traditional metal additive manufacturing, without compromising quality, using metals approved by the supply chain for higher productivity.

Traditional manufacturing methods, such as using wax molds, usually require expensive tools and refrigerated transportation to maintain its shape during transportation. This new casting material can produce thermally stable patterns without the need for refrigerated containers or custom tools for each design. These parts are also more sustainable than traditional stereolithography processes because they use fresh resin instead of resin from a vat that requires constant energy to maintain.

"In order to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing, we recognized the need to customize materials for a given printer platform to meet the specific needs of end users," said Simon Mawson, senior vice president and global head of 3D printing and incubators, Henkel's business. "By signing a formal material development agreement with Nexa3D, we can now use the power of Albert, our highly agile proprietary digital innovation platform, to unlock the full potential of the Loctite photopolymer product portfolio and the Nexa3D ultra-fast additive production platform."

Nexa3D Chief Operating Officer Kevin McAlea explained: “We found that less than 5% of the more than 45,000 foundries worldwide currently use 3D printing, and adoption is usually restricted by technology that is too slow or too expensive.” “Unlike traditional Compared to stereolithography printers, this new material combined with our ultra-fast technology has increased productivity by 20 times and produced stronger parts. Foundries and patternmakers now have access to a complete digital workflow, enabling They can speed up production and post-processing to develop patterns faster."

"Our long-term partnership with Henkel also allows us to provide new additive solutions to the market when the traditional supply chain is stretched. We are not simply recommending existing materials to customers-we are customizing material solutions to adapt Customer applications. For example, we are currently collaborating with Henkel to develop a new generation of ultra-fast functional materials that will increase the modeling cycle time by several orders of magnitude," McAlea continued.

Henkel and Nexa3D have established a partnership and have launched a new type of medical equipment and a dedicated AM development center this year. The 3D printed SKOP telemedicine stethoscope is created using bionic design concepts, color matching materials, and complex geometric shapes that can only be achieved through 3D printing. SKOP originated from the cooperation between Nexa3D's technology, Henkel's materials, Third's contract manufacturing, and the healthcare company WeMed. Nexa3D and Henkel further launched NEXTFACTORY this year in Ventura, California, as a comprehensive AM customer center. The center provides customers with integrated post-processing technology, material formulation customization, color matching and various finishing options.

After launching new casting materials, Henkel and Nexa3D will work on further targeted formulations. For example, applications in healthcare, footwear manufacturing, and consumer products provide ample opportunities for next-generation functional materials and ultra-fast 3D printing production capabilities.

To learn more about Henkel's innovations in 3D printing, please visit www.LoctiteAM.com. To find out how your organization works with Henkel, please email [email protected]. 

Nexa3D continues to develop ultra-fast 3D printing methods and materials through its joint development and partnerships. To learn more about how to access this powerful collaboration for additive production projects, please visit Nexa3D.com. 

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