High-quality wire-cut EDM machinery company

1.Pictures2. Parameters Mechanical SpecificationsUnitB30Table size(length x width)mm600x400Axis travelX -axismm300Y -axismm210Z -axismm270Internal dimensions of processing tankmm950x620x360Load bearing maximum electrode weightkg25Table weightkg400Distance from electrode plate to work surfaceMinmm295Maxmm565Total input

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High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company
High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company
High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company
High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company
2. Parameters

Mechanical SpecificationsUnitB30
Table size(length x width)mm600x400
Axis travelX -axismm300
Y -axismm210
Z -axismm270
Internal dimensions of processing tankmm950x620x360
Load bearing maximum electrode weightkg25
Table weightkg400
Distance from electrode plate to work surfaceMinmm295
Total input powerKVA10
Input powerV380
Maximum processing currentA50
Number of control shaft Three-axis linkage

3. Standard Accessories  
1Marble worktable
2PIKA surface processing circuit
3Ultra hard alloy circuit
4Automatic fire extinguishing device
5hand control box
6machine lamp
7filter paper core
8manual electrode card
9operating instructions

4. Multiple Processing Models:

High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company

5. Machine Features:

    1) The main machine adopts the finite element technology analysis, the bed adopts the C-type design, to ensure the maximum geometric accuracy

and no deformation of the machine components, "cross" table structure reduces the fluctuation error and deflection error of XY axismovement, to

achieve the stability of CNC axis full stroke movement.     
  2) The machine tool is made of high-quality strong and tough cast iron, with reasonable reinforcement arrangement and high rigidity designof single

column main shaft, so as to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the main shaft. Imported linear guide rail, ball screw, AC servo and high

quality granite (grade 00) marble table are used for the machine tool to ensure high precision and long-term use.   
  3) The CNC axis adopts full digital AC servo motor and high-precision ball screw direct connection to reduce transmission error.       
  4) The machine tool is manufactured according to JIS standard of Japan, and its precision is tested under the condition of 20 + 2C. Enough

precision reserve is reserved in the factory to ensure the precision of CNC axis movement.           

  5) The power control system can be used for step compensation and clearance compensation to further ensure the positioning accuracy of each axis.        
  6) Liquid crystal display and mouse input;

  7) x.y.z three axis three linkage function;

  8) expert processing technology database: the combination of electrode and workpiece materials can be processed automatically and manually:

copper / steel, graphite 1 / steel, graphite 2 / steel, copper / aluminum alloy, graphite 1 / aluminum alloy, graphite 2 / aluminum alloy, silver tungsten,

copper tungsten / steel, silver tungsten, copper / zinc alloy, graphite / zinc alloy, copper / copper alloy;

  9) Auto machining function: input machining information such as electrode and workpiece material, machining area, electrode scaling amount, final

machining surface roughness, etc., the system automatically calculates machining parameters according to expert machining process database, and

automatically completes the whole process from rough machining to finish machining;

  10) Automatic positioning function: it has the functions of end face positioning, angle positioning, column center positioning, hole center positioning,

any three-point circle center positioning, discharge position alignment and positioning. At the same time, it can use the automatic positioning function

to measure and correct the processed workpiece online;

  11) Automatic arc cleaning circuit: in the process of discharge machining, real-time monitoring of machining gap status, in case of slight short circuit

and arc pulling, alarm and timely arc cleaning;

  12) liquid level control, liquid temperature control;

  13) Power off reset function: the machine tool can remember the coordinate value of the current coordinate system. In case of sudden power off and

other emergencies, the set coordinate point can still be found after restart. 


6. Machine Configuration:
 High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company

7.Delivey Pictures
High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company
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High Quality Wire-Cut EDM Machinery Company


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